Gymnastics Plus trains the "whole athlete." In addition to teaching gymnastics skills, we teach life skills such as: hard work, concentration, trust, communication, teamwork, and a well balanced approach between work and play!

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*Please note that classes are subject to change. Please call our front desk to confirm a class is available for enrollment. All waviers MUST be signed before enrollment.



Automatic billing requires a three (3) month commitment and billing occurs on the 1st of every month for recreational classes. Monthly automatic billing may be canceled after three (3) months of automatic payments by sending a drop request by the fifteenth(15) of the month, before the month you would like to be removed, to



At Gymnastics Plus, our policy states that you are allowed two make-ups per term for classes missed. You will need to be enrolled in classes in order to use a make up. Make-ups do not carry over to the next term. Any make-ups must be scheduled in advance to assure that there is sufficient staffing in the class desired. Gymnastics Plus also has a no refund policy.